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The new hotness

How we use Node, Phantom, Grunt, Bower, Chai, Wercker, and more to build and deploy the next generation of accessibility testing tools.

I am a Viking

Modern Web Toolsets

Boilerplates & Scaffolding




Version Control

Unit Testing

Automated Build & Deploy

Task Automation

Accessibility lags behind

Separate and unequal

Some history

Headless Horsemen

We Need Integration

Not Separation


Introducing Tenon will have a web-based UI

Tenon is Flexibility

Example of Tenon's JSON response in Terminal

Tenon is Flexibility

Example of Tenon's JSON response in Postman

Tenon is Flexibility

Tenon in web developer toolbar

Tenon is Flexibility

Tenon can be used as a JavaScript snippet in every page

Tenon is Flexibility

Grunt Tenon in the PHPStorm IDE

Tenon is Flexibility

Tenon could be used as part of a build process for a system like Atlassian Bamboo

Tenon is Flexibility

Output could be dumped to CSV file

Quality & Tenon

Quality & Tenon

Tenon uses Codeception for unit test and acceptance test of the PHP that drive's the web UI

Quality & Tenon

Tenon uses Grunt to run unit tests of JS

Quality & Tenon

Tenon uses Wercker for website deploy tasks.

Quality & Tenon

Tenon uses Karma/ Chai to test the tests

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